Throughout history, rubies were a symbol of power and beauty in the eyes of kings and men of power. According to the legend, rubies had special powers and darkened in color when those wearing them were in danger, as a warning sign. Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII, correctly predicted her own death the day her ruby turned black. Rubies were the gift of devotion, as they remain to this day.

Rubies and sapphires belong to the corundum family. They are the hardest precious stones after the diamond. The color of rubies varies from deep orange to dark cherry. If a stone is not within this color range, it is classified as a sapphire. Rubies come from various countries, including Sri Lanka (Ceylan), Cambodia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya and Vietnam. The most famous rubies come from Burma (Myanmar) and are known for their color, best described as “pigeon blood”. It is the deep red of the most expensive and sought-after stones.
Care and cleaning
Rubies can be cleaned in lukewarm soap water. Harsh cleaners and abrasive rubbing must be avoided.

Rubies are the lucky stones of those born in July and they are the ideal gift for the 5th and 45 wedding anniversaries.

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