The characteristic green color of the emerald is what led to the creation of myths around the properties it imbued its bearers with since antiquity. It was believed that whoever wore it drew wisdom and tranquility from it. He became more perceptive and witty. Even today it is thought that green color relieves anxiety and soothes the eyes.

The emerald is the best known mineral of the beryl family. It has a medium hardness and is therefore the most sensitive of all precious stones. That does not prevent it from being one of the most sought after since its characteristic green is not found in any other mineral. The most impressive emeralds are mined in Colombia. The emeralds from Zambia also have a very interesting color. Other countries of origin are Brazil, Afganistan, Pakistan, Russia and Zimbabwe.
Care and cleaning
Lukewarm soapy water is the best choice for treating them. Emeralds must in no case be rubbed or treated with harsh abrasives. They are extremely sensitive to shocks and abrupt temperature changes.

Emerald is considered the lucky stone of persons born in May.

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